Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning

Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, LLC: Quality comes from experience

Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, LLC is well known for its professional and high quality stripping and waxing services that are customized to fit your companies needs. We take great pride in delivering excellent floor care. We only use high quality floor care products to ensure the best result. On a walk through of your facility we will customize a floor cleaning program to meet your facilities specific floor maintenance needs.

The Stripping and Waxing Process

At Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning a strip and wax service is looked at something that is to be done correct the first time, and done well enough to last for a long time with the proper maintenance. Below, the general process of how we complete a strip and wax service are highlighted.

At the intial consulation we will look at the floors condition and discuss things, such as the amount of traffic the floor receives, your expectation for glossiness versus durability, your floor maintanence schedule, etc. We use this information to prepare a cleaning bid. When you let us know when you are ready to complete the floors we schedule your service. On the day of the service the area is cleared, items stuck to the floor are removd with a scraper, the existing finish will be removed using a stripper solution and floor machine. At Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, we use high quality machine, pads, and solutions, as well as repeat this process necessary, which has given us great results when stripping the floors. We then use a wet-vac machine to pick up the solution off the floor. Then the floor is rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry. At Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning we follow the manufacture recomendations of the floor finish to deliever the best possible results.

Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, LLC: Quality comes from experienceAt Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning we built our reputation on our floors and would love to improve the look of your facility with a quality strip and wax job.